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are you Ready to claim the life of your wildest dreams?

At our 7 night luxury retreat in the beautiful French Alps, we have created a beautiful container that will give you the opportunity to transport yourself beyond the limitations of your mind so that you can tap into your LIMITLESS possibilities. You will be pampered like you DESERVE to be pampered. You will be given the space and the tools to TRANSMUTE your limiting beliefs into your POWER.

It is TIME to CLAIM everything that is ALREADY YOURS. 


Meet Jess & Doriane


The seed for this retreat was planted when Jess & Doriane were exploring the jungles of Costa Rica together.


"During our time together, we began to notice that we had countless conversations about how as women, we have been conditioned to believe that we are limited, instead of limitless. How over the course of time, we have become disconnected from our divine nature, from our deep wisdom, and from our magic. But the reality is that we are so incredibly POWERFUL and we absolutely have the ability to create ANYTHING that we desire. We simply need to reconnect to our DIVINITY, remember our POWER, and reignite the flames of our deepest DESIRES. Because when we begin to believe that we can consciously create anything, this is when we truly step into our infinite power.


Thus, we decided to consciously create this retreat and curate this very unique experience unlike any other. Our retreat is where luxury, pampering, and relaxation meets deep healing work, transformation, and connection. 


This retreat is an invitation to CHOOSE to say YES to stepping into your full power, it is an invitation to leave behind any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and it is an invitation to truly start living the life of your wildest dreams. 

Are you ready to say yes?"

Upcoming retreat

It's Already Yours!
Jan 14, 7:00 PM
French Alps
A 7 night curated experience in the French Alps where Luxury Vacation meets Transformational Retreat.
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